When someone mentions the country of Greece the first colors that often come to mind are bold blue and crisp white.  However, I know from the time I traveled in Athens and the Greek Islands that Greece is a country full of many bright and vibrant colors.  Gorgeous burnt reds, deep pinks, and rich yellows are found painted on fishing boats and doorways and in the flowers dangling over the white walls.

The images in this inspiration board have inspired a wedding theme using a rich dark blue, vibrant turqoise & crisp white paired with accents of bright yellow and burnt red.  These colors would work great for a spring or summer event and can easily be translated into daytime or evening decor.

Coming up in parts two & three… tips for pulling off your own Grecian style wedding as well as the invitations inspired by these beautiful images.


Images from Flickr (including members: jesssie & otrocalpe)