Hi Everyone! I’m so happy to see that people are still checking the blog on a daily basis even if I’m a big slacker in the posting department!  Things have been pretty busy around here in the studio, at the office, and in life.   We’ve been researching PUPPIES to expand our already large pet family of two cats, a beta fish, and a salt water reef tank!  I’ll try my best to keep the cute puppy pictures to a minimum of course!

 I can’t post without a picture.  So in honor of the expanding animal family I’ll share this photo that our photographer snapped during our wedding at the San Diego Wild Animal Park.  I know it might be weird, but hedgehogs are one of my favorite animals.   Isn’t she just adorable!?

Check back in the morning for some regular blog posting… including pictures of the projects that have been keeping me so busy!


Photo Credit: Leigh Miller Photography