I’ve added a few great blogs to my google reader these past few weeks.  I haven’t had a moment to update and categorize my blog roll here (i’m a bit unsure if I should admit to the number of blogs I follow!)

Anyways… here are a couple that I LOVE right now 🙂

This Young House I just discovered it today, and I won’t tell you how far back I’ve read already! I’m already addicted. Click over and check out how this young stylish couple has redecorated their cute home!  I’m all about the home decorating blogs lately… they go perfectly with my current dream (aka: obsession) with buying our first home soon!

Another one of my loves is cooking.  Well, really I love food.. and cooking is a close second!  You may have already clicked over to my original food blog favorite, Smitten Kitchen.  Through some comments and links on that blog I have found this one… Sweet Fine Day, and this one… 101 Cookbooks

To round off the list here are a couple crafty blogs to read. The first is from a great etsy seller Locallibrary, you may remember a previous post about her shop here.  Her blog, banana head pancake is full of crafty fun.  The queen of crafts herself, Ms. Martha Stewart has a The Martha Blog that she writes in… I love reading the inside scoop about her pets, home, work, etc…

I hope those keep you busy for a while.  I’ll be back soon with more paper inspiration posts and some shots of recent projects I’ve been working on.