Hi! Yes everyone… I’m still here!  Sorry about the unplanned blogging break over the past two weeks.  I tried to think of some really fantastic excuses for it, but in all honesty I have just been busy and blogging fell onto the back burner.   I hope you will all stick around and give me a second chance… so I put together a “top 10” reasons why you should keep reading!  Here it goes…

  1. I have a fantastic Save-The-Date package in the works for my clients Erin & Scott.  I previewed sketches of the custom map a few posts back, and I can’t wait to show the completed package!
  2. The 2009 Fuzzynk wedding line is currently in progress. This will be a great option for couples who are not in need of a completely custom design.  Of course each suite will have different color combinations and wording available.  I can’t wait to share these with everyone!
  3. I will also be previewing my non wedding announcements… first up is a baby announcement based on a custom design I completed for a client last year.
  4. A little farther down the road is a 100th post give-away. Details are still being worked out in my head… but it’ll be a good one!
  5. An announcement for my Etsy shop opening date will be made in the coming months. I’m hoping my readers will pop over to the shop once it’s open and give me their feedback on how everything looks. I’m truly excited about this one!
  6. Before the shop opens I will be previewing the notecards, journals, calendars, and other goods that have been on the design table lately.
  7. I have new inspiration boards lined up… including the boards that inspired my 2009 line.
  8. In the works are vendor spotlights & interviews… A chance to find out what memorable things they’ve experienced at the dozens of weddings they attend each year!
  9. Also in the wedding invitation department are posts with tips on addressing your invites as well as choosing the wording for the invite itself. 
  10. And finally… there is an official Fuzzynk Design Studio website on the way!!!

Wow… that turned into quite the long post.   If you made it through to the end then I thank you for reading and sticking with me!  I would love it if some of my readers would take a moment to post a comment today… perhaps tell me how you found the blog, or why you read.  What you would like to see more of?  Or just say hello!  There might just be a little something special for one of the readers who comments here…!

Sarah 🙂